Consecutive Interpretation for Court Interpreters (WA)

Offered: Anytime on-demand

Credits : 6 General CEUs




To enhance their professional performance, court interpreters must develop their interpreting skills. This 6-hour package offers interactive educational videos to develop consecutive interpretation skills.

The webinars in this course focus on note-taking techniques developed by Jean François Rozan (Note-Taking in Consecutive Interpreting) and Andrew Gillies (Note Taking for Consecutive Interpreting).

The lesson plan is based on the “Note-Taking Manual” (written by Virginia Valencia), which offers notetaking symbols and practical tips acquired throughout her 10 years of experience as a professional interpreter.

Each webinar includes a pre-recorded video (with interactive questions and/or exercises) that can be watched repeatedly until passing the quiz. Each quiz contains multiple-choice questions and has a minimum passing grade of 80%. Students get a certificate of completion only when passing all the quizzes.