Court Interpreter Oral Exam Training Program

How this course is offered:

  • Self-paced, on-demand, online
  • Open enrollment, begin anytime



Preparing for a court interpreting oral exam? We can help.

Why Interpretrain's 3-Step Method Will Work for You

To pass an interpreter's certification exam, your brain must successfully perform many tasks at the same time. 

Our 3-Step Method™ helps you conquer each skill separately, then trains you to perform them simultaneously. 

STEP 1: Learn the Vocabulary 

Memorize English/Spanish court terminology through: 

        •       Audio Drills
        •       Slide Shows
        •       Games/Quizzes
        •       Target Practices (focuses on terms you select)
STEP 2: Interpret and Voice Record 

With our advanced educational technology, you'll master the 3 modes of interpretation tested in oral exams:

        •       Simultaneous
        •       Consecutive
        •       Sight Translation

Each audio practice is offered at different speeds, so you can challenge yourself progressively until acing it. 

STEP 3: Grade 

Our patent-pending evaluation technology lets you seamlessly grade your performance. 

We take the guesswork out of your training by letting you know:

        •       Your grade.
        •       Which vocabulary needs further practice.
        •       When you are ready to move on to the next lab. 
About Our Comprehensive Program  

  1. Self-paced
  2. On-demand
  3. Open enrollment: begin at anytime
  4. 6-Months Access for $259
  5. Includes a total of 55 Interpreting Labs, which offer: 
  • 35 Audio practices. Real-life cases from criminal, civil, and family courts, cherry picked specifically with court oral exams in mind. Do the same practice in the consecutive AND the simultaneous mode.
  • 20 Labs for Sight Translation. Interpret real court documents sourced from the U.S and several Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Interactive answer keys to grade your performance in each lab.

Guided Training 

Our video instructions will guide you step by step through the program, and our Weekly Planner lets you know exactly what to study each day. It's like having a personal trainer!


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