Memory Fun 101: Memory Training For Interpreters (DSHS)

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Approved for 6 DSHS Hours of Credit.



Main Goal: Emphasis will be placed on improving working-memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Thus, the memory skills developed in this course will help to enhance an interpreter's: consecutive interpreting, language skills, ability to learn new terminology, and overall mental fitness. Interpreters will complete this course with sharper minds and a solid foundation in exercises and techniques that will benefit them throughout their lives and interpreting careers.

Methodology: Students listen to MP3 recordings by Chester Santos. There are 4 recordings in total. Each recording is accompanied by a slide with URL links that direct the student to unique memory exercises. Following each audio recording and its corresponding memory exercises the student is required to take a 10 question online quiz. After receiving a grade of at least 80% or better the student may proceed to the next learning module etc. (The student may take the quiz as many times as is required until passing) Upon completing all 4 modules the student is provided a certificate of completion that is generated instantly as a PDF.