3. Vocabulary for Court Interpreters - (CA)

6 Instructor-Led CIMCEs

June 30th from 9:00AM to 4:30PM. (Pacific Standard Time)

Instructor-Led Courses



This course includes 5 videos and 5 quizzes. Students participate in live question-answer sessions with the instructor through a conference call. Additionally, the instructor will be available for questions and technical support at any time during course hours. Each video presents a set of vocabulary flashcards. Each set of flashcards:

  • Includes text and sound.
  • Contains 20 to 40 vocabulary units.
  • Presents each term within a sentence.
  • Offers the term and the phrase in English and Spanish.
  • Is interactive.
  • Is based on real court transcripts.
  • Offers a brief explanation of the type of court proceeding that the practice is based on.